Attentions! DarleyGoers!! From this week on, DarleyGo will be OFFICIALLY hosting a weekly grand tournament every week in September. Tournaments Schedule: Week 1  – JUPITER STAKES 7th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 10th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 Week 2 – MARS STAKES 13th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 16th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 Week 3 – NEPTUNE STAKES 20th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 23rd Sept 23:00 GMT+8 Prize for the top 5 winners (in SOL)   Point system: Rules: • Only one horse per bloodline per Stable will be counted for the leaderboard• Points will be calculated based on the ranking table below, with newborn horses having 2 points EXTRA per race.• The horse can be raced by either the manager or the scholar• In the unlikely event that the points are tied, the lower race count would win. Point system: Newborn Horses qualification​ • Week 1: Born after 31st Aug, 23:00 GMT+8• Week 2: Born after 7th Sept 23:00 GMT+8• Week 3: Born after 14th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 For Scholar: • To encourage scholars to do their best during the tournament, the scholar who raced the highest point’s horse in each bloodline category will be rewarded with one horse of the same bloodline. • A total of 9 horses will be rewarded to scholars (3 Darley, 3 Areo, 3 Hayato) Happy racing!
Partnership Announcement with Avocado Guild
DarleyGo partners with Avocado Guild to enhance experience of players.
DarleyGo NFT Drop DarleyGo’s first NFT drop is about to bounce off the gate on Magic Eden — Solana’s #1 NFT Marketplace —with 3,800 Genesis Cards on 23rd January 2022 at 12:00 PM(UTC). Basically, here are the details of the drop: Mint Date: 23rd January 2022 12:00pm (UTC) Mint Price: 1.1SOL Total Supply: 3,800 Genesis Cards Whitelist Spots: 1,600 Pre-mint limit: 2 mints per address   Your Genesis Card In essence, Genesis Cards are premium cards for early DarleyGoers. Similarly, holders can redeem 1 Genesis NFT horse per card (Blind Box Style) before our game launch, and enjoy many exclusive perks as an early DarleyGoer! How many Genesis Cards at this drop? We’re simultaneously dropping a total of 3800 Genesis Cards at this Sale event. What is the Bloodline distribution ratio for the 3800 Genesis Cards? Above all, as a way of extending our gratitude to our ever-loving, dedicated, and early DarleyGoers, we are dropping the majority of DarleyGo’s rarest “Darley” Genesis Horses in this Drop. Therefore, this drop will have the following distribution: Darley — 40% (1520 Horses) NOTE: ABOUT 46% of the complete Darley Genesis Horse supply, Areo — 25% (950 Horses) Hayato — 35% (1330 Horses) Additionally, if you need more info on the Genesis Distribution, please click here for more details. Benefits of a Genesis Card Holder Generally, Genesis Card Holders may enjoy exclusive airdrops (GXE, In-game NFT) , and Whitelist spots for future events (IDO, early access to game/new features). Current Whitelist Holder benefits Concurrently, each Whitelist
DarleyGo is a horseracing game built on the Solana platform that allows players to purchase, race, collect, and breed NFT horses. The game is based on real-world horse myths, thus it combines the fun of horseracing and imaginative game lore to produce an exciting game. Each NFT horse in the DarleyGo universe is unique. As a result, they have distinct abilities and characteristics depending on its pedigree. What is a Genesis Card? Players are paying attention to digital ownership and monetization in a game’s ecosystem more than ever before. Due to the exponential growth in blockchain technology and NFT adoption, players can now own all their in-game digital assets! Meanwhile, we chose Solana for its ultra-high-speed, low transaction cost, and competitive ecosystem. For this purpose, our players can have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Roadmap Tokenomics DarleyGo uses a dual-token model for its in-game economy. On one hand, $GXE is a low-velocity token that provides a solid monetary base for the game’s economy. On the other hand, $DGE is the governance token for the DarleyGo universe that is utilized for other special game features. $GXE tokens are used whenever there are battle entry fees, mission and prize pool rewards, breeding, and the in-house marketplace. Because the supply of $GXE is uncapped, its minting and burning rate will be based purely on DarleyGo’s user-base growth and population. $DGE will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule. So, from the start of the public sale, it will last for 60 months.
Start your 2022 right with DarleyGo! The dawn of a new year brings exciting new activities for DarleyGo! Concurrently, we are hatching community activities for our wonderful supporters. Above all, we want to make sure that the community stays healthy and strong. Indeed it is our top priority, together with making it more fun, diverse, and inclusive. This is why, starting this January, we are initiating the Community Contributor Program to ensure a well-rounded community! A member will have the chance to snag one of the three roles in our Discord Channel. In particular, we have three levels starting from the basics: Level 1 — DarleyGoers, Level 2 — Whitelisters, and Level 3 — Special Squads. Subsequently, each role will have unique responsibilities and incentives. Basically, you can join any position that fits you best! Community Contributor Program To join the program, you just need to do the following: DarleyGoers: Yaheee! Everybody is automatically a DarleyGoer upon entering our Discord Channel. Congrats! Special Squad: The Special Squad is our ultra-elite role! Overall, those who belong in this role are considered to be community managers and enjoy different perks (for ex. free DarleyGo NFTs and further exclusive airdrops!). Specifically, we will select up to 25 members to start with. As soon as the ranks are filled, the Special Squad members can also vote on who can join the role! All things considered, DarleyGoers have to showcase their different talents to join the special squad. Hence, creativity in designing, video-making, community moderation are
DarleyGo is accelerating its game development with our new set of investors! This is to provide our players with a unique horseracing experience with a P2E economy. We are incredibly delighted to announce that a lot of people believe in our vision. Accordingly, our seed round has attracted several top-tier investors. The seed round is led by Jump Capital. It is joined by Infinity Ventures Crypto, Genesis Block Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Panony, GuildFi, Solar Eco Fund, Avocado Guild and YGG SEA. We also have other investors like Big Brain Holdings, GBIC, RBC, Paribus Ventures, FollowtheSeed and Athena Ventures. This new set of investors goes a long way in proving the untapped possibilities of our game! But of course, we couldn’t have done it without the DarleyGo Community We couldn’t have come this far without the continuous support of our fantastic community and investors. Talented creatives, horseracing aficionados, crypto enthusiasts, and super-involved fans make up our ultra-supportive community. The team grew together with the community. Their unwavering love and support for the game have allowed us to reach milestone after milestone. What we’re doing & what we’ve accomplished so far DarleyGo is made up of horseracing experts from different backgrounds. Basically, we have skilled mobile and blockchain developers, game/movie graphic designers and crypto experts. Our team has always wanted to build a horseracing game. Additionally, we want to build one that answers a central problem in horseracing: monetization. After years of research, we believe that the best time to build
Real-life Horseracing Owning a racehorse can be a highly profitable business. Despite the prizes from horseracing, horses can also bring in an enormous amount of money for its owner by serving at stud farm. During two decades, a healthy stallion can be bred an average of 150 times per year. Moreover, a horse owner can rake in millions of dollars per year by charging a “stud fee”. Obviously, prices are higher for a stellar stallion with great pedigree and experience. Raising a horse As a matter of fact, raising an exceptional racehorse is not an easy task. Owing to a horse’s own pedigree and potential, there is a huge amount of resources, staffing, and risk behind it. Besides the horse’s pedigree and potential, a world-class champion horse also needs a top-of-the-line trainer and support staff on top of intensive exercises, maintenance, and expensive medical expenses. Hence, it cannot be denied that horseracing is a money-burning activity. Due to this, DarleyGo aims to provide an alternative solution by bringing horseracing into the virtual world. In any event, using blockchain and NFT technology, we’ve created a game where players can skip out on the sky-high fees. Additionally, they don’t have to worry about the risk of maintaining a prize racehorse. Most importantly, they caninstead go straight to the fun parts of horseracing! The Promise of Virtual Horses (NFTs) Accordingly, in the DarleyGo universe, all virtual horses are unique NFTs with its own pedigree, personality, and abilities. Given that, players can train