Attentions! DarleyGoers!! In Level 1 V2.0 race, Racing is quite straightforward. Players compete against other active players in regular racing events. Winners earn glory and honor in these races while simultaneously collecting our special DarleyGo tokens. ⦁ GXE to race. ⦁ Players need at least 1 horse to enter the race. ⦁ The top 3 winners will be rewarded with $GXE. ⦁ Players can watch the race in 3D or 2D, depending on their preference. The reward pool of each race will be divided into two categories: ⦁ 90% of the entry fee will go toward the top 3 winners as below: ⦁ 10% will go towards GXE token burn. Happy Racing! 
Attention, DarleyGoers! We are thrilled to announce that our Scholarship function is now live at The Scholarship Mode uses an automated payout process. An escrow account holds the horse when it is rented out, so the owner does not need to directly send their horse to the renters’ or scholars’ wallets. This method minimizes the risk for both scholars and owners. For now, a scholar’s wallet can only rent three horses and syndicate three horses simultaneously. For the rental system, owners can loan out their horses at a fixed price for a specific time window so the renter can race the horse for an income. For the syndicate system, owners may lease their horses directly to a specific wallet or marketplace, provided that they split the profits between the owner and the renter. If both parties agree, this setup could have no rental fee. Instead, the owner and scholar will divide all winnings or earnings in a fixed percentage.
Attention, DarleyGoers! Our first tournament, the Rainbow Tournament, is now on its fifth day! Therefore, we are delighted to share with you the results of our first-ever competition as of today. In this tournament, nine (9) winners in total will each receive ONE extremely rare Rainbow Darley! A Rainbow Darley is a highly exceptional horse as it will have at least two (2) S+ Natural Abilities. We will keep posting and updating the Leaderboard in Discord daily, so every DarleyGoer is updated with the tournament results. After 15:00 GMT+18 on 13th July, DarleyGoers can also pick their top 3 horses that earn the most GXE from each bloodline. Thank you for your continued support, DarleyGoers. See you at the tournament!
Hi, DarleyGoers. To lower the entry barrier for all DarleyGoers, we have permanently reduced the breeding cost of all bloodlines! The new breeding cost is now available on our litepaper. In this update, the mare owners will pay the corresponding GXE cost in addition to the stallion’s service charge (using $DGE tokens) listed by the stallion’s owner. The fees in the table above are only applicable if both mare and stallion come from the same bloodline. Stay tuned to catch the latest DarleyGo updates. Have fun breeding and building your stable, DarleyGoers!
DarleyGo’s public beta version is officially out! The beta version dropped on June 23, 2022 and within the first 3 days, it was a complete smash. Players are incredibly excited to try out the beta version, and the numbers say so. Our Average Daily Users in the first three days was 485/day, and the platform hosted a race every 40 seconds. A total of 5300 races (1766/day) were completed in the public beta version of the game. Even more impressive in the first three days of the release is the GXE token burn rate of the game. The burn rate registered at a whopping 93% and mostly came from the Training section of the game. A small portion also came from Breeding, as our players started expanding their stables. This data shows that players are extremely dedicated to honing their horses and winning more races. The high Training token burn rate also indicates that players are actively involved and engaged in studying and playing in the DarleyGo ecosystem. What’s Next? Now that the public beta version of our game is up, we are going to slowly introduce our other flagship features as well! Together with our community, we are looking forward to new features for the beta version, including scholarship features and a Level 2 for our Race Mode. Scholars and those looking for more challenging gameplay will be delighted with our next update rollout. The demand for DarleyGo horses will continue to snowball, which has been supported by
On May 20th, DarleyGo is launching the closed beta version of our game! We have been waiting for this phase as we draw closer to the official launch of our game. We are incredibly excited to open the official game to the rest of the community, so we are rolling out DarleyGo’s closed beta version to select members to ensure that everything is perfect pre-launch. Qualifications If you are a Genesis Badge Holder, you can access the closed beta version of the game. Only Genesis Badge Holders as of May 18th (15:00 GMT +8) can qualify for this version. Closed Beta Version Details In this closed beta version,  we’ve made some adjustments to racing rewards and breeding costs to make it easier for our members to try out all game features.  The closed beta version of the game will feature the following: Racing (P2E) – For racing, players can only race Level 1. The racing rewards for the closed beta version are lower than the norm. The first place receives 150 GXE, 2nd place receives 100 GXE, and the third-place receives 50 GXE. Racing mode is only available in 2D mode (We expect to release the 3D mode in about the next week and a half). Players can also hone their breeding skills in the closed beta version. The breeding costs are also lower than what they would cost normally. See the chart below for additional details. Bio-clock – In this version, the bio-clock does not matter since it
After several months of testing and development, we are now revealing the newest updates to the DarleyGo whitepaper. The DarleyGo whitepaper outlined our core goals, missions, and foundational concepts that make the DarleyGo universe possible.  Due to the public demand and to cater to our growing number of community members and players, we decided to tweak our whitepaper to be more inclusive and have additional features. This new whitepaper further defined cooldown time, overpopulation control, other racing features, updates to the roadmap and training styles, and final calculation on fees and stamina rate. 1. Cooldown Updates and Specifications We have updated the cooldown timeframe for our horses. In the old timeframe, the “Born to Breed ” cooldown period for the Hayato breed was 2 days (48 hours) and 4 days (96 hours) for Darley horses. Therefore, in the first timeframe, Hayato horses could breed more often (every 48 hours) than the Darley horses (every 96 hours). This current ratio means that the population gap between Darley and Hayato may unexpectedly increase. We will address this problem with the new cooldown period that shortens Darley horses’ cooldown period into 48 hours instead of 96 hours and lengthens Hayato horses up to 96 hours from the original 48 hours. This new rate will decrease the population gap among the horses. Horse population Projection (before burning) New Cooldown Periods 2. Overpopulation Control One common question about population is how to control it down the line. In the new whitepaper, we added two