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The Level 1 V2.0 is Live Now!

Attentions! DarleyGoers!!

In Level 1 V2.0 race, Racing is quite straightforward. Players compete against other active players in regular racing events. Winners earn glory and honor in these races while simultaneously collecting our special DarleyGo tokens.

⦁ GXE to race.

⦁ Players need at least 1 horse to enter the race.

⦁ The top 3 winners will be rewarded with $GXE.

⦁ Players can watch the race in 3D or 2D, depending on their preference.


The reward pool of each race will be divided into two categories:

⦁ 90% of the entry fee will go toward the top 3 winners as below:

⦁ 10% will go towards GXE token burn.

Happy Racing! 

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