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The Legend by DarleyGo is Live Now

Attentions! DarleyGoers!!

A new card game just dropped! 


We are excited to share with you the world’s first horse racing strategic card game we have been prepping for some time now. Introducing The Legend by DarleyGo – a horses racing card game where players must use wit and strategy to win! 


The Legend is a play-N-earn game any DarleyGoer can play with their horses. Each player will need a horse, and a set of Card Deck. There are 12 slots for each game round; Top 5 winners will receive the rewards! 


Furthermore, players will also need to keep an eye on the new Track Element – the game round’s unknown factor. Depending on the player’s jockey and other assets, the Track Element can be of huge help (or hindrance) to them. Scholars and renters can also use the game’s Rental System with an automated payout process for a seamless and headache-free procedure. As The Legend develops, we also hope to introduce more gameplay and other in-game features to make it more engaging and challenging, so stay tuned.


If you love horse racing, then you’ll love The Legend. The card game provides DarleyGo enthusiasts with a new and fun way to explore the DarleyGo universe aside from the traditional horseracing platform. It is full of hidden lore, new gameplay, and exclusive content and items that every DarleyGoer would love to have. 


So, what are you waiting for? Take a break from the heart-stopping traditional races and instead engage your strategic thinking with this all-new card game by DarleyGo.

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