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September Weekly Tournament

Attentions! DarleyGoers!!

From this week on, DarleyGo will be OFFICIALLY hosting a weekly grand tournament every week in September.

Tournaments Schedule:

Week 1  – JUPITER STAKES 7th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 10th Sept 23:00 GMT+8

Week 2 – MARS STAKES 13th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 16th Sept 23:00 GMT+8

Week 3 – NEPTUNE STAKES 20th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 23rd Sept 23:00 GMT+8

Prize for the top 5 winners (in SOL)


Point system:


• Only one horse per bloodline per Stable will be counted for the leaderboard
• Points will be calculated based on the ranking table below, with newborn horses having 2 points EXTRA per race.
• The horse can be raced by either the manager or the scholar
• In the unlikely event that the points are tied, the lower race count would win.

Point system:

Newborn Horses qualification​

• Week 1: Born after 31st Aug, 23:00 GMT+8
• Week 2: Born after 7th Sept 23:00 GMT+8
• Week 3: Born after 14th Sept 23:00 GMT+8

For Scholar:

• To encourage scholars to do their best during the tournament, the scholar who raced the highest point’s horse in each bloodline category will be rewarded with one horse of the same bloodline.
• A total of 9 horses will be rewarded to scholars (3 Darley, 3 Areo, 3 Hayato)

Happy racing!

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