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Magic Eden x DarleyGo Tournament

In celebration of our upcoming Drop of Kiwi, we are hosting a 3 days Magic Eden X DarleyGo Tournament!

Tournament Date:
18th July 17:00 GMT+8 – 20th July 17:00 GMT+8 (3 Days)

Winners Reward
Top 1 - 1/1 Magic Eden Kiwi NFT + 2000 DGE
Top 2 - 1500 DGE
Top 3 - 1000 DGE


  • Only Hayato will be eligible for this Tournament


  • Only 1 horse per Stable will be counted for the leaderboard

  • Only horse owner will be eligible for this tournament

  • We will be posting a leaderboard every day during the Tournament, and the Top 3 Hayato that earns the most GXE will be the winners

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