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DarleyGo Scholarship Function Is Live Now

Attention, DarleyGoers!

We are thrilled to announce that our Scholarship function is now live at The Scholarship Mode uses an automated payout process. An escrow account holds the horse when it is rented out, so the owner does not need to directly send their horse to the renters’ or scholars’ wallets. This method minimizes the risk for both scholars and owners.

For now, a scholar’s wallet can only rent three horses and syndicate three horses simultaneously.

For the rental system, owners can loan out their horses at a fixed price for a specific time window so the renter can race the horse for an income.

For the syndicate system, owners may lease their horses directly to a specific wallet or marketplace, provided that they split the profits between the owner and the renter. If both parties agree, this setup could have no rental fee. Instead, the owner and scholar will divide all winnings or earnings in a fixed percentage.

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