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Baby Derby Tournament

Hey, Darleybabies!!!

We are trilled to announce our first Baby Derby Tournament for all baby horses born after 25th July 12pm (GMT+8).

Tournament Period:
From 3rd August 15:00 GMT+8 to 10th August 15:00 GMT+8 (7 Days Total)

Winners Prize

🥇 1st  – S+ Red Fire Darley (1/1)

🥈 2nd – S+ Purple Fire Darley (1/1)

🥉 3rd – S+ Pink Fire Darley (1/1)


  • Horses born after 25th July 12pm (GMT+8) will be eligible for the Baby Derby Tournament
  • Only 1 horse per Stable will be counted for the leaderboard

  • Only horse owner will be eligible for this tournament

  • Scholar account won’t be eligible for this Tournament


 We will be posting the Leaderboard everyday, and pick the top 3 horses that earn the most GXE after 10th August 15:00 GMT+8.

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