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DarleyGo races out of the gate by dropping its public beta!

DarleyGo’s public beta version is officially out! The beta version dropped on June 23, 2022 and within the first 3 days, it was a complete smash. Players are incredibly excited to try out the beta version, and the numbers say so. Our Average Daily Users in the first three days was 485/day, and the platform hosted a race every 40 seconds. A total of 5300 races (1766/day) were completed in the public beta version of the game.

Even more impressive in the first three days of the release is the GXE token burn rate of the game. The burn rate registered at a whopping 93% and mostly came from the Training section of the game. A small portion also came from Breeding, as our players started expanding their stables. This data shows that players are extremely dedicated to honing their horses and winning more races. The high Training token burn rate also indicates that players are actively involved and engaged in studying and playing in the DarleyGo ecosystem.

What’s Next?

Now that the public beta version of our game is up, we are going to slowly introduce our other flagship features as well! Together with our community, we are looking forward to new features for the beta version, including scholarship features and a Level 2 for our Race Mode. Scholars and those looking for more challenging gameplay will be delighted with our next update rollout.

The demand for DarleyGo horses will continue to snowball, which has been supported by our dedicated community and solid opening figures. The support of our community and patrons is central to DarleyGo’s upward trajectory and expansion. To continue this expansion and be as inclusive as possible, we will also release other forms of gameplay for our players to try out.

Stay tuned and see you on the racetrack, DarleyGoers!

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