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DarleyGo Releases Updated Whitepaper

After several months of testing and development, we are now revealing the newest updates to the DarleyGo whitepaper. The DarleyGo whitepaper outlined our core goals, missions, and foundational concepts that make the DarleyGo universe possible. 

Due to the public demand and to cater to our growing number of community members and players, we decided to tweak our whitepaper to be more inclusive and have additional features. This new whitepaper further defined cooldown time, overpopulation control, other racing features, updates to the roadmap and training styles, and final calculation on fees and stamina rate.

1. Cooldown Updates and Specifications

We have updated the cooldown timeframe for our horses. In the old timeframe, the “Born to Breed ” cooldown period for the Hayato breed was 2 days (48 hours) and 4 days (96 hours) for Darley horses. Therefore, in the first timeframe, Hayato horses could breed more often (every 48 hours) than the Darley horses (every 96 hours). This current ratio means that the population gap between Darley and Hayato may unexpectedly increase. We will address this problem with the new cooldown period that shortens Darley horses’ cooldown period into 48 hours instead of 96 hours and lengthens Hayato horses up to 96 hours from the original 48 hours. This new rate will decrease the population gap among the horses.

Horse population Projection (before burning)
New Cooldown Periods

2. Overpopulation Control

One common question about population is how to control it down the line. In the new whitepaper, we added two features that would serve as overpopulation control with our horses:

A. BioClock (Age)

The BioClock feature will limit the number of NFT horses at any given time by giving a timeline for the horses. It will set every horse’s career stage according to the number of races the horse has participated in. With each race, the horse effectively gets “older”.

The BioClock feature also includes the “racing phase” timeline for the horses. This phase is generally the most productive phase of a horse for racing. 

Genesis Horses have an average racing phase of ~2100 races, but non-Genesis Horses would have a shorter racing phase.

B. Sacrificial System

When a horse is no longer profitable or if a player wants to, they can choose to sacrifice a horse for additional breeding chances since breeding is also limited in the DarleyGo universe. They can reproduce beyond the natural breeding limits of an exceptional horse by sacrificing another horse to the system.

3. Racing Features

In this version of whitepaper, we have added the prize pool for Level 1 Race.

We have also included additional racing features that make racing even more fun and exciting:

A. Level 2 Race

This feature allows players to race for higher prize pools with a subscription fee and are very appealing to players who want to maximize their horses’ potential.

B. PvP Battle Mode

This one-versus-one, all-or-nothing gameplay is for skilled horses and top players. They can battle it out and raise the stakes with each fight, with the winner taking the entire prize pool.

4. Breeding Cost

We have updated the breeding cost for both in-house breeding and breeding through stud farm.

In-House Breeding

As your horses’ breed count increases, so do the $GXE breeding fee. The higher the breed count of the mare (number of times the mare has been bred), the more $GXE the owners have to pay.

The cost of in-house breeding will be the corresponding $GXE cost (see table below) plus a fixed 1200 $DGE.

Stud Farm Breeding

Mare owners will pay the corresponding GXE cost plus the stallion’s service charge (using $DGE tokens) listed according to the stallion’s owner.

The fees above are only applicable if both mares and stallions are of the same breed. 

For cross-bloodline breeding (regardless of breeding in-house or through a stud farm), the $GXE cost will be the average cost of two bloodlines, based on the mare horse’s breed count.

For the stallion’s service charge, the game system will also charge a stud fee on the stallion side based on a progressive rate system in the chart below.

5. Roadmap Recalibration

Our roadmap is adjusted and tweaked to provide a more detailed timeline for our game. Transparency is crucial for us, so we included the UAT date in our new roadmap for our community members.

This is our new roadmap:

Phase 1- Design, Concept Proof & Recognition (Q4 2021) *

  • Game design * Design/Art Direction 
  • Solana Hackathon Ignition (We won the Community Choice Award out of 500+ projects)

Phase 2 – Collect & Trade (Q1 2022)

  • Community Collaborations with Aurory, Portals, Chainmyth, Jungle Cat, and MonkeDAO
  • First Batch of 3,800 Genesis Horse Sale (Jan 23rd 2022)
  • Collection listed on Magic Eden and Fractal
  • Genesis Card Reveal ( 22nd Feb 2022)
  • My Stable launch

Phase 3 – Play & Scholarship (Q2 2022)

  • Marketplace launch (Expected UAT starts: April 16th)
  • Level 1 Racing & Breeding (Expected UAT starts: May 5th)
  • Scholarship launch (Expected UAT starts: May 20th)
  • Training Mode launch (Expected UAT starts: May 22nd)

Phase 4 – Experience Enhance (Q3-4 2022)

  • Introduce new In-game NFTs items
  • Level 2 Racing & Hoof-to-Hoof Battle Mode
  • Mobile Versions Launch
  • Galaxy Mode

6. Training Mode Addition (Galloping Style)

A. Training Partner

We added the Training Partner section for training horses in the Galloping Style. Users can stake their inactive horses as a “training partner” for other horses in exchange for $GXE tokens paid by the players that want to train. The amount of $GXE tokens may vary depending on the demand. As more players train their horses in the Galloping Style, the “Training Partner” horse owners will earn more $GXE tokens.

7. Adjusted Stamina Calculation

We have adjusted the stamina calculation for the horses. Each horse will now start with 12 available races per day and have a rolling recovery of 1 race every 2 hours.

Players can shorten their horse’s recovery time by half an hour (0.5 hours) by training their horses in the Galloping Style. This shortened recovery time means they can race more in a single day.

8. Adjusted Stamina Calculation

Lastly, we are introducing the fee calculation for our in-game marketplace. 

A. There is a 5% seller fee for every transaction in the market.

B. Of the 5% seller fee, 40% will go to the treasury fund for ecosystem development. The remaining 60% will go towards game development, recruitment, collaborating with other projects in the community, and building a stronger foundation for the game.

As our game progresses, we will include additional gameplay and features. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Discord, or our website for the latest news and offerings.

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