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DarleyGo Launches Its Closed Beta Version

On May 20th, DarleyGo is launching the closed beta version of our game! We have been waiting for this phase as we draw closer to the official launch of our game. We are incredibly excited to open the official game to the rest of the community, so we are rolling out DarleyGo’s closed beta version to select members to ensure that everything is perfect pre-launch.


If you are a Genesis Badge Holder, you can access the closed beta version of the game. Only Genesis Badge Holders as of May 18th (15:00 GMT +8) can qualify for this version.

Closed Beta Version Details

In this closed beta version,  we’ve made some adjustments to racing rewards and breeding costs to make it easier for our members to try out all game features. 

The closed beta version of the game will feature the following:

  • Racing (P2E) – For racing, players can only race Level 1. The racing rewards for the closed beta version are lower than the norm. The first place receives 150 GXE, 2nd place receives 100 GXE, and the third-place receives 50 GXE.
  • Racing mode is only available in 2D mode (We expect to release the 3D mode in about the next week and a half).
  • Players can also hone their breeding skills in the closed beta version. The breeding costs are also lower than what they would cost normally. See the chart below for additional details.
  • Bio-clock – In this version, the bio-clock does not matter since it will reset to zero when the official game launches. So, play to your heart’s content! Also, during the closed beta version, the horse’s race count will not affect its bioclock.
    • However, while the bioclock remains unaffected in the beta version, the breed count is still counted – regardless if a horse is bred in the beta or official game version. This is done so that whatever horses players have bred during the beta version will not disappear even when the closed beta version ends. 

The closed beta version is a crucial step to the official game launch! We will continuously roll out new features to iron out kinks and other bugs in the game so our players can enjoy a seamless experience with the game.

As always, thank you for joining us on this incredible journey from the get-go. We can’t wait for you to see what else we have in store for you!

If you want to stay on top of all DarleyGo news, follow us on Twitter, join our Discord channel, or visit our official website.

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