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Eyes on The Future: DarleyGo Investors Show Confidence with Extended Cliff

The DarleyGo team is happy to announce that our seed investors have decided to extend the deadline of their cliffs!

What is DarleyGo?

DarleyGo is the world’s first myth-based NFT horseracing game built on the Solana platform. It brings together the fun of horseracing and earning. DarleyGo gives our players new and quick adventures while earning in-game tokens. Our goal is to create a horseracing metaverse to level up our players’ gaming experience and motivate more people to join the crypto world through gaming.

Despite the lukewarm outlook of the crypto market, investors all over the globe are flocking towards us. Extending the cliff will allow for more opportunities, partnerships, and increase our flexibility with the market. We are also incredibly delighted to have all of our stakeholders as long-term investors. Our investors have seen our project’s core fundamentals and unequivocally believe in DarleyGo and the team.

Apart from investors’ support, DarleyGo is also partnering with top guilds such as Avocado Guild, YGG SEA, and GuildFi. These guilds have a deep knowledge of the industry. In addition, these top-of-the-line guilds also have an astonishing amount of native players and scholars. Certainly, this is beneficial to DarleyGo in building a great product that can raise the industry standard. At the same time, it also exposes us to an even greater number of people.

The DarleyGo Promise

The crypto market is indeed slow lately. Understandably, this has caused unrest throughout the crypto community. We at DarleyGo are committed to ensuring all of our players, investors, community, and partners remain confident in our project’s solid fundamentals and our future plans. We reaffirm our commitment to our community and our partners by continuing to combine the real, horseracing world with all of the upsides of virtual technology via our equine metaverse. In this way, our players’ experience extends not just on their screens but also to their everyday lives. Furthermore, we will also incentivize more non-crypto players to explore the wonders of blockchain technology in a fun and exciting way.

DarleyGo Cliff Extension

As another show of our conviction, DarleyGo long-term investors have decided to extend our cliffs wholeheartedly. We want to show our determination in seeing our goals through. This will also demonstrate our faith in the future of DarleyGo.

Lastly, we want to thank our community for steadfastly believing in us. Additionally, we want to thank everyone who is with us in our DarleyGo journey – from its conceptualization to its realization. We could not have done this without the encouragement and love we have received every step of the way. It is our fervent hope that we continue to have your support for all of DarleyGo’s upcoming plans.

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