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DarleyGo Completes Successful IDO

We’re thrilled to announce that DarleyGo has completed our initial DEX offering (IDO) for our $DGE token!

Despite the current unfriendly crypto market condition, the community and public support are overwhelming. Moreover, our IDO round raised $1.6 million (99.7%) in funding with a $4,497 leftover allocation. The IDO round is beneficial for our roadmap as we look into the future. See below for key figures about the IDO:

– The IDO raised nearly $1.6 million ($1,595,503) with liquidity support

– $4,497 allocation leftovers due to failed transaction on KYC will go to the treasury for future community airdrop events

We’re working hard to prepare for the next steps of our game. Because DarleyGo completed its IDO, we are definitely on track with our roadmap. DarleyGo’s reach and the audience will expand as we partner with several companies. Additionally, token-holders can use the $DGE token to buy limited access add-ons in our in-game marketplace or for races and breeding opportunities. Players can earn $DGE through DarleyGo’s system aside from the exchanges.

On behalf of the DarleyGo team, we are highly grateful for the community support since the project launch. We are also delighted that our supporters can purchase our $DGE token through IDO.

Catch our latest news and offerings here: Website, Twitter, Discord.

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