Attentions! DarleyGoers!! From this week on, DarleyGo will be OFFICIALLY hosting a weekly grand tournament every week in September. Tournaments Schedule: Week 1  – JUPITER STAKES 7th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 10th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 Week 2 – MARS STAKES 13th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 16th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 Week 3 – NEPTUNE STAKES 20th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 to 23rd Sept 23:00 GMT+8 Prize for the top 5 winners (in SOL)   Point system: Rules: • Only one horse per bloodline per Stable will be counted for the leaderboard• Points will be calculated based on the ranking table below, with newborn horses having 2 points EXTRA per race.• The horse can be raced by either the manager or the scholar• In the unlikely event that the points are tied, the lower race count would win. Point system: Newborn Horses qualification​ • Week 1: Born after 31st Aug, 23:00 GMT+8• Week 2: Born after 7th Sept 23:00 GMT+8• Week 3: Born after 14th Sept 23:00 GMT+8 For Scholar: • To encourage scholars to do their best during the tournament, the scholar who raced the highest point’s horse in each bloodline category will be rewarded with one horse of the same bloodline. • A total of 9 horses will be rewarded to scholars (3 Darley, 3 Areo, 3 Hayato) Happy racing!
Attentions! DarleyGoers. Since we implemented the Scholarship function, there have been more and more guilds joining the party  (no matter if you are a big guild, or just an individual having a big horse stable!) What’s a better way to excite things with….. A Guild Party!!!!!!!!! Here are the details for the tournament! Guild Party Period: From  19th August  15:00 GMT+8 to 24th August 15:00 GMT+8 (5 Days Total) Rules: -Only registered guild that filled out the form at  🤝┃collaborations  before 19th August at 15:00 GMT+8 will be qualified for the Guild Party -To qualify as a guild ( @Verified Guild Founder/Manager ), your stable (can be multiple wallets) will need to have at least 15 horses -We will only track the manager wallet submitted in the form. If your guild has any additional manager wallets, please fill out the form again and provide us with the wallet address in the form -Only the Top 10 horses (after the point calculation) will count towards the guild’s result -The horse can be raced by either the manager or the scholar -In the unlikely event that the points are tied, the lower race count would win Point system: -Every GXE earned by a Darley = 1 point -Every GXE earned by an Areo = 2 points -Every GXE earned by a Hayato = 3 points -Every horse that was born on or after 11th August at 15:00 GMT+8 will have a 10% boost in the points) Example:  -If a Darley was
Hey, Darleybabies!!! We are trilled to announce our first Baby Derby Tournament for all baby horses born after 25th July 12pm (GMT+8). Tournament Period:From 3rd August 15:00 GMT+8 to 10th August 15:00 GMT+8 (7 Days Total) Winners Prize 🥇 1st  – S+ Red Fire Darley (1/1) 🥈 2nd – S+ Purple Fire Darley (1/1) 🥉 3rd – S+ Pink Fire Darley (1/1) Rule Horses born after 25th July 12pm (GMT+8) will be eligible for the Baby Derby Tournament    Only 1 horse per Stable will be counted for the leaderboard   Only horse owner will be eligible for this tournament   Scholar account won’t be eligible for this Tournament    We will be posting the Leaderboard everyday, and pick the top 3 horses that earn the most GXE after 10th August 15:00 GMT+8.
In celebration of our upcoming Drop of Kiwi, we are hosting a 3 days Magic Eden X DarleyGo Tournament! Tournament Date:18th July 17:00 GMT+8 – 20th July 17:00 GMT+8 (3 Days) Winners RewardTop 1 – 1/1 Magic Eden Kiwi NFT + 2000 DGETop 2 – 1500 DGETop 3 – 1000 DGE Rule Only Hayato will be eligible for this Tournament   Only 1 horse per Stable will be counted for the leaderboard Only horse owner will be eligible for this tournament We will be posting a leaderboard every day during the Tournament, and the Top 3 Hayato that earns the most GXE will be the winners
Attentions!!! Areo’s horse owners.  After community survey, we decided to give some more love to Areo and its owners. So this week (from 13 July 18:00 GMT+8 to 20 July 18:00 GMT+8) will be the Appreciation Week of Areo! During the Appreciation Week, whatever amount of GXE your Areo is earning, we will airdrop 30% of its GXE earning amount of DGE to the owner! For ex. If your Areo earns 3000 GXE during the :Golden:Appreciation Week :Golden:, we will airdrop 900 DGE to you( The Owner)! Happy racing!!!
Attention, DarleyGoers! We are thrilled to announce that our Scholarship function is now live at The Scholarship Mode uses an automated payout process. An escrow account holds the horse when it is rented out, so the owner does not need to directly send their horse to the renters’ or scholars’ wallets. This method minimizes the risk for both scholars and owners. For now, a scholar’s wallet can only rent three horses and syndicate three horses simultaneously. For the rental system, owners can loan out their horses at a fixed price for a specific time window so the renter can race the horse for an income. For the syndicate system, owners may lease their horses directly to a specific wallet or marketplace, provided that they split the profits between the owner and the renter. If both parties agree, this setup could have no rental fee. Instead, the owner and scholar will divide all winnings or earnings in a fixed percentage.
Attention, DarleyGoers! Our first tournament, the Rainbow Tournament, is now on its fifth day! Therefore, we are delighted to share with you the results of our first-ever competition as of today. In this tournament, nine (9) winners in total will each receive ONE extremely rare Rainbow Darley! A Rainbow Darley is a highly exceptional horse as it will have at least two (2) S+ Natural Abilities. We will keep posting and updating the Leaderboard in Discord daily, so every DarleyGoer is updated with the tournament results. After 15:00 GMT+18 on 13th July, DarleyGoers can also pick their top 3 horses that earn the most GXE from each bloodline. Thank you for your continued support, DarleyGoers. See you at the tournament!